Our Heart

The Storehouse is known in our community as a resource for food and assistance, and most importantly as a place of love and healing.

We have seen countless salvations and physical and emotional healings. Our staff and dedicated volunteers believe in the power of prayer to restore lives, families and neighborhoods.

The Storehouse was founded in 1986 as a benevolence ministry of New Life Christian Center. Thanks to our community and partners our outreach has grown to support 80-100 families with weekly groceries, distributing 5,000 lbs. of food each month.

Together we are transforming our community!

Who are we:

An Ocean View based community-wide Non-profit Benevolence Ministry

What we do:

Provide critical resources, referrals and training for low income families and the homeless in times of need.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to bring about lasting change and transformation to the lives of individuals in need; this will be carried out by offering caring supportive services through partnerships with other concerned entities who desire to invest in the chosen communities.