A Testimony of Hope


In 2008, Eugenia Reed’s marriage ended in separation from her husband of 40 years.  For the first time in her life, she was unable to support herself. Forced to move to Norfolk, she moved in with her daughter’s family. Coping with the emotional trauma of her failing marriage as well as placing additional financial pressure on her family, Eugenia decided to reach-out for help.

“I passed The Storehouse each day, saw lines of people standing outside and decided to get the help I needed,” said Eugenia.

Eugenia continued to express how she needed a special touch. The food helped relieve the financial burden but she says that it was just a small part of what she really needed. Even though Eugenia was living with family, her hardships and broken marriage caused her to feel rejected, isolated and all alone.

 “It wasn’t as much the food, but the love and concern of the people in the Storehouse that became my immediate remedy.”

Responding to the invitations by the Storehouse team, Eugenia began attending church at New Life Christian Center (NLCC). Her recollection of that first day in attendance was marked by an overwhelming sense of belonging.

“If you put yourself in the presence of God then He will order your steps. I just knew that I was supposed to be here,” said Eugenia.

Like many other people, Eugenia never expected to find herself lacking the very basic necessities of life. God used that situation to bring about her emotional and spiritual restoration. “God allows certain things in life to happen in order to get our attention. Through all of this, God got my attention,” expressed Eugenia.

Today, Eugenia is not only a member of NLCC but one of the senior leaders on The Storehouse ministry team. She once felt empty and alone but now finds herself meeting the needs of others in her community.

 “I had a need. My need was met; now I can give to someone else. That’s what it is all about,” Eugenia shares.

“She is one of our greatest assets” says Pastor Rodney Hammonds, Director of The Storehouse. “Eugenia is one of our main volunteers, boldly sharing the Gospel, counseling, and distributing food on a weekly basis,” he continued.

Eugenia’s new declaration is to: “Hold on to God’s hand, believe His word, do what it says, and all of God’s promises will be fulfilled.”


Glenn Connors, Sr. is a husband and father of 7 children. He is a full-time Pastor in the Ocean View community of Norfolk, VA. On his off days, he is an author, gun broker, and scuba diver – but not in that order.