A Real Connection



Walking in the Storehouse almost 2 years ago, I remember seeing fresh vegetables and other foods being put together in grocery bags for the many people lined up outside.

My heart felt touched by the kind and loving women that were working so hard for the community. Aretha Hammonds and the other compassionate team members patiently cared for families all morning.

The prayers and blessings spoken were full of love and kindness.

This moved me to volunteer. I started picking up food from two donor sites and bringing it back to the Storehouse. After a few months, I gladly accepted the chance to serve soup after being asked by Rodney Hammonds (Aretha’s husband). I knew that God was leading me to get to know the people in the community.

The enormous amount of love that I felt as I served nutritious soup to the precious people that came was unforgettable.

Everyone was so very grateful and thankful as the soup was given to them. I too was thankful just being there as I met new neighbors and friends. On days like these, getting to know the people in the community has changed my life.

There is a story behind every face. The Lord has opened my eyes and given me a real connection to His people.

The purpose of the Storehouse is to love our neighbors while sharing the message that Jesus is just waiting to be accepted in their hearts and will be with them always.   Most individuals we talk to are in a hard place. Many have health issues, disabilities or financial troubles. Whatever it is, we offer gestures of hope and encouragement along with the reminder of how much God loves and cares for them.

As a child, I have fond memories of going to the beautiful beaches in Ocean View with my family. Now, I thank God for the chance to lend a helping hand on the same shore.  I am humbled and blessed to be a part of the Storehouse team as we share God’s love in helping the community to find closer, deeper, personal relationships with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Please join me and the rest of the Storehouse team in serving our community. There are many ways to get involved.  Great blessings are in store for you there. The experience will change your life forever!


Donna Coplon is a wife and mother residing in Virginia Beach, VA.  Her friends mights say her best quality is her love for God and people.  Her husband Steve insists it’s patience…for putting up with him!