A Bright Future



Louise Owens moved to Norfolk twenty years ago in an attempt to leave behind a life of hurtful addiction in New York. “My background was full of pain and abuse. All I knew to do was to get high or drunk,” she explained.

For the last ten years, Louise lived just a few blocks away from The Storehouse and New Life Christian Center (NLCC). During that time, she attended various community events and food distributions sponsored by The Storehouse but always shied away from actually coming in.

“I was convinced they didn’t want someone like me,” she said.

Louise was becoming what she feared most: an older woman reduced to hiding alcohol throughout her house. That’s when she decided to walk through a door she had never opened before.

Through the people that she met at The Storehouse and NLCC, Louise encountered God in a life changing way.

“I was so damaged, I didn’t think I deserved His love; I never knew that all I had to do was reach out.”

Louise explained “prior relationships were all people taking from me. God embraced me and so did the Storehouse, a group of people that I now consider family. I can reach out to anyone here, like a giant light house in the midst of the storm,” she continued.

Today, Louise is happily married, free of an alcohol addiction and serves in the church.  During this year’s Vacation Bible School, sponsored by The Storehouse, Louise volunteerd to assist with snack preparation and help with clean-up. What she didn’t know was that God was about to use children to change her life forever.

“It was about half way through the week when God spoke to me and said ‘Louise you are my child! You can come sit next to me, YOU are welcome,’” Louise shared.

“It was like I was one of those children to God,” recalls Louise. As tears flowed from her eyes, she remembered Him welcoming her to sit in His presence. It was at that moment Louise felt that she had something to contribute, that her life mattered.

“God showed me that I finally have a purpose in life, and it is not in a bottle; I don’t have to wear a mask nor hide my pain anymore.”

Now, Louise wants to work with youth. “I want children, especially young girls, to know that they don’t have to go through what I went through. My future is a lot brighter than my past,” proclaimed Louise.


Glenn Connors, Sr. is a husband and father of 7 children. He is a full-time Pastor in the Ocean View community of Norfolk, VA. On his off days, he is an author, gun broker, and scuba diver – but not in that order.